Walking towards a dream

From Promise to Prodigy: A chronology of triumphs on the playing field.

#1FORESTAL CUP CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 - Sub-11 champion with Dream of Children team.
#2FA CUP SANTIAGO 2023 - Two-time champion Sub-10 category champion.
#3NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 - 6-month tournament. Sub-10
#4IBERLEAGE CHILE 2022 - MVP in Iberleague Chile 2022 and selected for Sao Paulo Brazil 2023.
#5FA CUP SERENA 2022: Sub-09 category champion.
#6FA CUP SANTIAGO 2022 - 4 times champion in FA Cup Santiago 2022 Sub-09, twice MVP.
#7CADET UNIVERSITY CATHOLIC 2022 - Accepted in cadets in 2022, now playing Sub-10.
#8SERENA CHAMPIONSHIP 2021 - Regional tournament champion Sub-10 playing for SFG.
#9FORESTAL CUP CHAMPIONSHIP 2021 - Two-time champion and MVP Sub-10 with Dream of Children team.
#10RIVER PLATE SELECTED 2020 - Selected to join River Plate in online recruitment. Suspended by COVID.
#11FORESTAL CUP CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 - MVP and champion Sub-8 with Dream of Children team.
#12VCUP 2020 - MVP Sub-08 tournament.
#13CADET SANTIAGO WANDERERS 2018 - Joins the Sub-8 team, as the youngest player accepted at the club.